Toni Pieroni, M.A.

Registered Clinical Counselor

Vancouver, British Columbia

About Toni Pieroni

Prior to becoming a counselor, I worked as a dental hygienist for 25 years. One of the primary roles of a dental hygienist is helping people change and grow into living healthier lives. So, my avocation throughout that first career was to study psychology, personal development and holistic health. It was a natural next step to want to work more directly with people about the whole of their lives (not just their teeth!) In mid-life, I completed a M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University in Seattle, Washington and began a private counselling practice in 1993. My background as a health professional led me to study body-oriented psychotherapies. I've completed certification in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP). I have pursued further training in Lifespan Integration for healing trauma, and I am a certified Imago Relationship Therapist. I also have a deep love and concern for our relationship with the natural world, which led me to train to lead retreats and workshops in Ecopsychology.

Specialized Training
  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
  • Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy
  • Lifespan Integration Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Training for Couples
  • Certified Prime Potential Facilitator (Mirus Point)
  • Ecopsychology

Toni Pieroni

My work is essentially about helping people develop and deepen their relationship with themselves, with the significant people in their lives, with their communities and with the larger world.